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update finally

Oh, my goodness its been over a year since I posted on this thing. Things have had their ups and downs like they normally do. Matt and I are still going strong. Pervert that he is. I love him.

I need to post here a little more often. This is the only place some of my friends have to keep in touch with me.

Well I don't have anything else to say right now, so night all.
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I really hate my job.

I was given this week and next off so I could study and take my finals without having to worry about work. Well, my lead wanted me to come in and help prep for tomorrow's sale if I could. Which I did. I was saving her ass, and it wasn't good enough. Most people would be happy with a note saying what needs to be done and all the signs. But apparently she wanted all the signs completely ready to go with the sale acetates and toppers. Also I thought that she had everything ready for Intimates so I didn't do that area. Well I was very wrong about that.

I don't really feel like I am appreciated for what I was able to do in the time I had. I feel like whatever I do is never good enough for my Lead. Nothing seems to make her happy. I really need to give my two weeks notice soon. I feel bad about doing it when I just got about two weeks off so I could study.
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I dunno why, but it looked interesting.

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I think my winamp has a thing for The Producers.....needless to say all my musicals on my play list. Out of 245 songs you would think that it would play something else. Looking at my playlist, I realized that out of all those songs only about 92 are not musicals. I really love that it picked The Wizard and I for the first day of school, since Elphaba sings that at the begging of her school year. oh well enjoy.
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Happy All Hallows Eve.

Sorry I haven't posted much lately. I have been really busy with school and work. Work has gotten sooo bad that I don't think that I will stay there much longer. I really like the people that I work for, and I like what I do, its just too much for me to handle right now. I would quit, but I need the money and I don't want screw things up either. I like my lead and don't want to make things worse for her there. Things are pretty bad there. There isn't enough room to merchendaise properly, not enough people to do all the work markdowns included, and not enough time to get everything done to the standards everyone wants. I am just really tired of not getting the time to do the things that I want when I due to school and work schedule.

School is goin ok. I fear that I am goin to fail my Japanese III class. That is mainly because with workin at 6:30 in the morning I don't have time to do all the work that is needed due to other homework. Arrrrrrghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought things were goin to get better with Macy's and with a new school year!!!!!!!!!!!! The only good thing I really got right now other than family is my Matterkins. I dunno what I would do if I didn't have him in my life.
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I alive promise

I really need to post more. I haven't been online much lately because I have been hangin out with my Man Matt. We have been goin out for a month now. I am really happy and from what I can tell so is he.

I know I am late on my poems but things are kinda crazy with work. I will post them soon.
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Late Poem

My Heart

I give you
All my heart
With the hope
That you will
Give me yours
And never break
Mine as I
Will never Break
Your gentle heart.

Another late poem off the top of my head. I think it could use a little work, but you guys need a poem. Also I don't really feel like working on it at the moment.
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Late Poem update.

My Love

In you I found a companion
We may not last
But along the way
We will have a great time
For we are friends first
Then we are more


I am happy
The first in a while
This is the greatest
Of feelings in the world
I recomend this feeling
To everyone I know

Two new ones off my head. Not the greatest but they are mine. Hope you all like them.
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Its about time

I have decided to post something. I have no clue about what though.

Everything here has been good. Work has sucked but then again its work. We will start useing Macy's systems next week. I can't wait. We got the new signs in too, and the sign holders. Now things are goin be a whole lot easier for me. I am really happy about this.

I am kinda worried about one of my friends. I am not sure what he nas been up to and if he has gotten himself into trouble or not. I hope to talk to him sometime soon and find out. oh well.

I will post a poem tomorrow. I just don't feel like finding one to post at the moment.
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